What are animals to you?

Humans and animals both alike have many similarities, we all have friends and foes, feelings and a life. Animals know their way of life where they hunt for survival and protect themselves from danger. This shows that they have the capability to think and have their own emotions like us.

On an average day, I pretty much enjoy scrolling through Facebook and searching for cute animal videos to look at. It is a common sight to see everyone sharing the videos and getting thousands of views in a short period of time. But little do we know that animals are often misrepresented in the media.

Recently, I stumbled upon the Blackfish documentary, where the story is based on a killer whale, Tilikum, who has been held captive for over 20 years. The documentary shows how Tilikum had been separated from his family when he was still young and was placed in SeaWorld to perform. The documentary also shows how the whale has killed 3 people including his personal trainer as a result of frustration while being kept in a small tank where he is limited to movement.

In other words, this documentary can be seen how an endangered species has been captured to be a performing animal and do routined tricks instead of being at it’s own nature.

Other than the Blackfish documentary, the least exposed to media of misrepresented animals are the circus animals. Circus animals consist of monkeys, bears, elephants, tigers, lions and many more, but non of them are just born to be circus animals, they have been trained daily by animal trainers and most of the animals have traumatic experiences. In the video below, shows how a circus lion act was performing and suddenly a lion was attacking it’s trainer.

It does show similarities towards the Blackfish documentary where lions are not meant to be performing animals. How do you train a lion to do tricks that aren’t of their nature? I could only think of torturing them and letting the lions know that the trainer is the leader of the pack, if you don’t do as I say, no food for the day.

We as humans have the privilege to voice out our opinions but what about the animals? Has anyone asked if these animals chose this paths of their lives? Taken away from their own natural habitat makes them hard to adapt to new environments. Why don’t we help the animals and just leave them to their own natural habitats and preserve them?


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