That’s mine!

What are you gonna do when someone takes your photo and claimed to be their own? Often enough you see multiples of the same photos posted online with different caption thinking of what it might be. Just by a simple click and it can be as your own.

What is copyright? It is explained as an exclusive given rights to the author or creator of an original work. Copyright was originally designed as a right limited in scope and duration to ensure that culturally important creative works were not the victims of monopolies and were free “to promote the progress”. Many have been set to misuse the term of copyright.

copyright-musicThe differences between copyright, fair use and using copyrighted work are distinct as the meaning of copyright is making a copy, distribution, and derivative works, fair use is differed in ways of making a commentary, parody of the original, using own ideas as a whole to change the original. The use of copyrighted works is for example, reading a book, going to watch a movie or even borrowing a book from the library.

Instagram’s copyrighted logo, is a square shaped polaroid camera stands out it’s uniqueness and prevents others from taking their logo. Back in September 2012, it was one of the biggest news that Facebook has bought over Instagram, and thus changes in their policies have also been made. Their privacy policies have changed on how they are going to use the user’s information. There was also a big fuss where Instagram can sell the photos without notifying. As mentioned in my previous post about the privacy settings, it is important for how the users keep their photo views limits.

Even if Instagram doesn’t allow users to save or copy the original photo but in this time of age, copying the same photo is just easy peasy, every smart phone will be able to copy the same photo by just screenshooting and editing it later. For example, if the user’s profile is public and free for anyone to view the pictures, they are able to save the photo by screenshot and edit the photo, cropping the sides and post it again as their own and the owner can’t do anything when it has been posted, they will not be notified.

Just when you post on a social media or a photo sharing media, there is always a risk of you’re photos being stolen and people claiming their own piece of art.


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Let me take a selfie

Convergence is meant by a transformation of old media to new media, analog to digital. Its where people get their source of news and now transformed to sharing and producing the news in addition than just to receive it. Notice how people don’t really need the newspaper now to get news up front? All thanks to the new media. In this 21st century, probably everyone has a television at home and owning a smart gadget at hand. I too fall into the “smart phone dumb person” category, always depending on my smart phone to get news and what not.

“Convergence, the flow of content across multiple media platforms, the cooperation between multiple media industries and the migratory behavior of media audiences ” – Henry Jenkins

In this change of age, owners of smart phones will definitely have cameras. In the old days there’s only physical, bulky cameras to bring around if you need to take photos. Then photos will need to be developed to see what was taken and to share it to friends and families. Slowly through time, SLRs (single-lens reflex) to compact cameras to digital compact cameras to dSLRs (digital single-lens reflex) and now phones with camera functions.

What’s an easy way to take a photo and let everyone see it? What app can let you share it online with your friends? Instagram.


Image credit: waxing unlyrical

Instagram is an app where you can upload your picture and share it to anyone you wish. It is a simple app where people can like and comment on your photos. Not just uploading the photo on Instragram, this app is also able to be linked with other social medias such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr etc. Instragram has now also updated to be able to post 15 seconds long videos. Instagram has now become one the most common used apps on the same line as Facebook and Twitter. It’s privacy settings are also simple. Setting the profile to private leads to users to just share pictures to their followers and also limit their followers. Setting the privacy to public means anyone and everyone will be able to have a look at the photo.

For a photography person like me, its the best app ever! Up till now I’ve already have about 1000 photos uploaded. A lot of famous artist are also using Instagram to share their daily photos to get closer to their fans. Tagging is also applicable, to tag a friend just put a @ in front of the friend’s username and the person will be tagged.

There’s even a parody video of Instagram done by College Humor on Youtube that gone viral and even my lecturer showed us in class.

Instagram is definitely an app of convergence media, shifting from developing photos to sharing immediately to the world.