Hey y’all I’M BACK!

Hello BCM people who reads my blog. What’s up? New semester, new friends, new ASSIGNMENTS. What not to be excited about?

So here’s my introduction. Hi! I’m Katrina, just turned 21 two weeks ago, studying in University of Wollongong, INTI International College Subang, Malaysia campus. So this semester I’m taking BCM110 and BCM112. Basically more of myself is that I enjoy sports, cooking, photography, travelling, food, animals and anything fun! Also a socialite on the internet, the mainstream ones. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest! As I said last semester, I’m previously a commerce student majoring in Marketing and management but then at peak point I decided to change my major to media studies, as what I’m doing now because I couldn’t cope much with the accounting and finances.

So that’s basically me. So this sem I’ll try to buck up my blogs. TRY to be consistent. Lets learn more about the media together! GO BCM!