Yo! What’s up bro!

What is hip hop to me? Hip hop to me is usually those yo yo yo what’s up, rapping and beatboxing kind of music that is usually on the radio and I would just switch the channel. Not that its bad but I don’t enjoy them very much. I’m more to the sentimental, lovey dovey romantic type of songs person. More or less I listen to K-pop nowadays. The type of songs that usually would be on repeat is by Leehom or Big Bang. Leehom is an American born Chinese and his genre of songs are mostly C-pop, not near to hip hop, but he has a few rapping songs.

ImageI took this photo of Leehom during his recent concert in Malaysia.

The usual famous hip hop artists we all know are Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye West, 50 Cents, Nicki Minaj and the list goes on. The only hip hop artist that I admire is Eminem, because he’s the world’s first caucasian to be the world’s top successful rapper.


The only song of his that I can rap is “Love The Way You Lie” featuring Rihanna. Rap to me is like whatever the singer is currently feeling, he throws in all the emotions and anger into the lyrics. Sometimes I think those artists have to chill when it comes to writing songs don’t you think? And it gets me tongue tied while rapping. Maybe thats why I don’t like it that much, but I do try!

But from what I’ve learnt in class it’s a totally different story from what I had in mind. Apparently, hip hop is founded in the early days from a group of native people, the Samoans. Hip hop is like a dance and sport combination to the Samoans. Many Samoans that are growing up in Los Angeles struggled in school but excelled in athletics and dance. It is part of their culture but for Samoan males, in particular, physical size and prowess as football players or dancers led to both status and stereotype. Reductive stereotypes based on Samoan physicality continue to exert powerful pressure on Samoan communities in the U.S., contributing to a history of overzealous and brutal assaults on Samoans by nervous law enforcement officers (Henderson,n.d).

Back to hip hop, it is based on 5 elements, MCing, DJing, Graffiti, Breaking and Beatboxing. While the genres that may include is commercial, gangsta, conscious, grim, booty, etc. 

So as I was saying, hip hop is a way to express yourself in music. Somehow a basic way to write a hip hop lyrics is to write down whatever happened during the day, what’s memorable, current feelings and the hatred! You can never miss out of vulgarities in those rap! Maybe I shall trying writing some lyrics and try to rap. HAHAHA!


Internationalizing Education?

Last week I was given this topic to blog about but I totally forgotten about it. So here’s my thoughts about internationalizing education. 

In this new modern era, it is essential to have international education. It’s like if you don’t have an overseas degree certificate you won’t have a stand in the current workforce. I’m currently considered as an international student as I’m Malaysian and I’m studying in University of Wollongong, Inti International College Subang campus. With what I’m studying now it’s all Australian syllabus and it is an international education.

As a Malaysian, English is under the British syllabus, so communicating in Australia wouldn’t be a problem, but the language barrier still remains there as we all know the strong Australia accent is present. Our pronunciations are totally different. Anyhow, internationalizing education also symbolizes globalization. It is not a bad thing while merging all different cultures of educations together. Globalization also has an effect to reduce cultural differences. 

Why not give international education a try? It is a high chance that we are able to gain a lot of knowledge from different sources and giving students a bigger variety of working industry to go for.


Hello to whoever is reading my blog. It’s been awhile since I last blogged. And officially stopped but technically I have to start all over again as blogging is one of my assignments! How cool is that!

Guess its a new change for me. Changing programs, having new friends, I guess it’s alright. So yeah! Till, my next post!